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Whether you hire a commercial floor care service or take care of your floors on your own, maintaining your commercial floor is an important consideration.


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Wash & Buff Floor Service

  • Floor dust mopped
  • Sticky debris like price tags, stickers and gum removed provided no damage to wax will occur
  • Floor washed with neutral cleaner using auto-scrubber and/or mop technique
  • High speed burnish (buffing) using either propane and/or electric burnisher

Scrub & Wax Floor Service

  • Floor scrubbed clean using a neutral cleaner removing top layer of wax
  • Corners and edges are cleaned using mob or razor blade depending on need
  • Floor rinsed and neutralized
  • Wax applied for finish per customer’s requirements

Strip, Seal & Wax Floor Service

  • Floor stripper used to remove sealer and/or wax using high-speed floor machines
  • Corners and edges are stripped cleaned using mop, razor blades and/or edging machines
  • Floor rinsed and neutralized
  • Sealer and/or wax applied for finish per customer’s requirements

Reasons to Hire a Professional Floor Care Service

  • Make a great first impression! Your floor is part of the first impression of your business. Your customers see the condition of your floor as soon as they walk in your door. A well maintained floor is clean with a professional floor finish.
  • Floor protection! You want to maintain the look and durability of your floors. A well maintained floor has a commercial floor finish which protects the tile and adds friction and slip resistance protection.
  • Make the interim cleaning of your floor easier. Tile is much easier to clean when maintained with a floor finish and care service.
  • Safety! Professional floor finishes provide a safe standard level of slip resistance.

Sealer and Finishes Protect and Beautify Floors

With regular maintenance and floor care of your VCT/vinyl tile you can lengthen the time between stripping. This will save money in the long run since stripping is time consuming and costly. High speed buffing will improve the attractiveness of your floors by increasing the shine and gloss.

When to Strip Your Floor

You should strip your floor when the finish begins to ware and look bad. When your floors starts to change color and when mopping, buffing and re-waxing no longer gives you the results you want.

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